Residential Frameless Glass Walls

About this Product

The Murano L-35 Frameless Glass Wall System is a wholly owned proprietary product manufactured in Australia by Murano Walls Pty Ltd.

The L-35 frameless system is designed for both residential and commercial use which creates versatile usable spaces and guaranteed to be waterproof if installed to the Murano strict installation guidelines incorporating a grated stainless steel drain or sub-sill.

The frameless glass wall stacking and/or bi-folding product delivers elegant sophistication with bespoke choices in architectural style which are AS2047 compliant. The end result leaves you with a truly transparent, seamless, uninterrupted view with luxurious qualities which are wind and waterproof setting a new benchmark for moveable frameless glass walls in Australia.

Product Summary

Suitable for 10mm, 12mm, 13.52mm, 15mm, 17.52mm and 19mm thick glass.

Weather tested by a NATA approved testings facility to AS2047 and suitable for residential projects.

Weather and thermal efficient

WERS accredited products available.

Product Options

The Murano L-35 frameless glass wall system can be optimised to many different designs and finishes which include:-

Design stacking configurations to your build requirements incorporating stacking, bi folding, hinged and pivot frameless glass walls and doors.

Track/rail finishes produced as clear anodised can be changed to a powder coated or anodised finish to compliment your standard windows sustaining aluminium colour and continuity in your project.

Locking opportunities including key lock and digital swipe design.

BASIX defined glass to meet your U-Value and SHGC ranges.