Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we have a fully equipped showroom with a frameless glass stacking situation and an bi-folding situation along with glass pivot doors and hinged doors with a stainless steel drain in place . Please make an appointment with Murano to come along and see our products. If you like bring your plans with you and design can be discussed at this time.

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Always make an appointment as the showroom is not manned at all times.

The glass thickness starts at 12mm, 13.52mm Energy Glass, 15mm,17.52 Energy Glass and 19mm. All Glass is toughened or in the case of Energy Glass toughened laminate.

Contact Murano directly for a free design consultation on the Murano products which can do many things that others have only dreamed about.

Check with the Body Corporate to see if you are able to change the face of the building. You will also need to check the structural soundness of the concrete slab that will be used to install your frameless glass walls as they are top hung.

Yes! We have completed many projects on the beach and you can be assured of the Murano frameless glass wall systems integrity.

Some builders are still a little afraid and unsure of frameless glass walls with the amount of misconstrued information in the market place and there are many companies operating that do not qualify to AS2047 for wind and water penetration with their product but perhaps only for strength. Have you builder call Murano direct if necessary to discuss and get piece of mind, but be assured that the Murano L35 frameless glass wall system is accredited and tested to AS2047 in a NATA approved testing facility against wind and water penetration. Always ask the question of the manufacturer of frameless glass walls “Is your product accredited to AS2047 for wind and water egress?” This is your responsibility under AS2047 so be vigil with you questions, do your homework and only speak to suppliers who offer certification of a product to AS2047. Another way is to ask for references.

See more info on AS2047

A Design Wind Load is a specialised calculation for your property only. Some wind loads are calculated using AS2047 for an average sized dwelling but in the case of a “residential building” it is calculated on AS1170.2. During the engineering of your new build or renovation this calculation should have taken place as it not only takes into consideration the wind rushing towards your house and the sharp corners of your build, that is for example, situated on a waterfront high spot on a bay, but also the landscape of the property with trees and shrubs and perhaps a boat house. This calculation also takes into consideration the pressure it will create inside the your build.. These calculations are used by Murano’s qualified glazier and estimator to determine the thickness of glass required for AS2047 or AS1170.2. The estimator will also take into consideration the Region of the property which may have an N1, N2, N3 or N4 rating or cyclonic rating.

See more info on AS2047 & AS1170.2

Overall, the BASIX® Certificate is a NSW Government initiative that ensures new homes are designed and built to use less potable water and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, with the purpose of providing a sustainable future. Your Basix report is unique to your build and it will indicate to Murano whether your glass is sustainable using clear toughened glass or whether you will require energy glass.

You will need a BASIX certificate if you are lodging a development application in NSW for a new home or for any alteration and addition of $50,000 or more to an existing home.

For AS2047 it is a necessity as you may encounter driving rain which hits your glass panel, runs down the glass over the profile and then it needs to drain somewhere otherwise you will end up with puddles of water inside your home.

There must be some sort of drainage for frameless glass walls. This may be in the form of a stainless steel drain produced by a partner supplier which is always quoted upon, or a sub sill which is standard. Please discuss your options with Murano when you call or when a Murano representative comes to site.

Murano does not offer fly screens and often we find that clients us an air screen which prevents flying bugs to come through. There are also other retractable screens on the market that can be used in conjunction with the Murano L-35 frameless glass wall.

No the brush seals are made with a PVC interlay and would be extremely hard for bugs to push their way through the seal.

No the Murano frameless glass wall system has a specialised polycarbonate seal on the edge of the glass which prevents the wall from having gaps. This comes under the Murano AS2047 accreditation.

Simple it’s not! You probably saw this in a commercial application in a café or restaurant which did not require AS2047. If it was in a home then they were definitely in breach of AS2047 and would not achieve final accreditation nor occupation certificate.

Always do your homework, don’t rely on information you believe is “strange”, when comparing quotes. If there is a big difference in price then you know that you are not comparing apples to apples and perhaps apples and bananas. Always check the Department of Fair Trading for Licensing and Supervising Licensing. Murano quote exactly what is required and using correct information for windloads, glass integrity and does not “guess” when it comes to frameless glass walls. All Murano quotations are for the complete project including design, manufacture, installation and AS2047 accreditation in your build.

To be frank, the person that quoted 10mm glass for your project does not know anything about glazing or AS2047 and were probably low balling your price and later on, after a deposit is taken and during “inspection”, may issue a variation for the correct glass or may not even offer the correct glass. If not offered then certification as per AS2047/AS1288 and or AS1170.2 cannot be achieved. On a frameless glass wall, with a two edge support ie: a rail on the top and the bottom of the glass requires no less than 12mm toughened glass for strength and human impact.

See more info on AS2047/AS1288 and or AS1170.2

This is a two edge sword. If you buy the Murano L-35 frameless glass wall system, then Murano are responsible for the design, manufacture, installation and certification. With Murano you will have a fully qualified supervising glazier on site installing your glass and issuing the certification. If your builder installs a product and it is installed incorrectly and say leaks, then your only recourse is to the builder or the installer and not the supplier of the product. We always recommend to our clients whether it is the Murano product or others that it is installed by the supplier otherwise there is no recourse to the product supplier.

Yes, often Murano will undertake other works in a build if requested.