Read through some of the Murano Walls Testimonials to get an idea of all the great things our clients have said about us and our work.

I was overseeing a project at Burraneer and we were so glad that the client chose Murano to do their boat house as this is not just glazing, this is a “work of art”.

We built an extension on my house at Dee Why and really wanted the frameless glass walls but was a little worried about the water penetration as we overlook Collaroy Beach. After a really bad storm I called Murano to let them know that their system was “water tight” and it was the framed standard windows that were leaking. The guy turned up for the standard windows and looked at the frameless system and said “ah Murano bet that didn’t leak!” Apparently he used to work for Murano and knew the system well.

We found with Murano they looked after you personally and you did not become just another job. Rosie and Yari went beyond with their service and we were kept up to date with all works continuously.

We have our furbabies to consider and though we wanted a frameless glass moveable wall, we were able to also incorporate a “doggy door” in one of the glass panels which was none obtrusive and looked like it was always a part of the design. No other company was able to offer this solution and now my Labrador is in and out as he pleases thanks to Murano for their sensitive solution for our project.

I had a big project on the waterfront and thought that my glass would only need to be 12mm but after discussing with Yari, found it to be 15mm thick as the height was just over 3 meters. Yari’s integrity shone through when I said “just put 12mm glass in – nobody will know”. Yari stuck to his guns and said he would not look at the job if he needed to variate from AS1288 (glass in buildings). I could not be happier with my home and the job completed by Murano with no whistling and zero water egress through the glass walls which are on all levels on the waterfront side.

We really enjoyed speaking to Rosie in the first instance, as she was knowledgeable on all facets of the product and spent the time really speaking to you, not just rushing you through the call, giving you information you did not even think of asking for. Just loving everything about the end result!

Had a pretty tricky project which we spoke to other companies about, but Murano was the only company which had all the creative solutions to our questions on frameless glass. The great thing about Murano is that they are also qualified glaziers and not just a company that onsells other company's products which have their own proprietary product. When installing, I heard Yari say to one of his team members on their work, “If it’s perfect then that’s close enough”…

Murano is the only company we contact for design and construction for projects which sit outside the square.

You can trust Murano when they say their product is water proof with full accreditation from a NATA approved testing facility. There are companies which say they are accredited to AS2047 but when you do a little digging, it may only be for “strength” and not “water penetration”.