Abbotsford Penthouse - An Awe-Inspiring View - February 2009
Latest Update - April, 2009 - Final Installation of Frameless Glass Stackers for our young couple in Abbotsford... we wish them luck with their final subcontractors on site.


Murano Walls Pty Ltd were sourced and invited to work in conjunction with Brendan Moar from the television show known as "Dryspell Gardening" in their Series II in December 2008 & January 2009.   The programme airs on the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel.

What a fabulous opportunity for Murano Walls Pty Ltd to be able to enhance this beautiful Victorian Terrace with the Murano L35 frameless glass system both in the cabana and dining room area of this wonderful "old girl" .

Yari Joensuu, a Director of Murano Walls Pty Ltd and two of the Murano crew members, worked closely with Brendan Moar and the young couple of this home to achieve a breathtaking overhaul to their once dark and unused small courtyard turning the space into a lively, almost party atmosphere, with bright colours and innovative ideas. 

Well done to the Dryspell Gardening Team with special thanks to Brendan Moar, Nicole Moon and Kelly Timms along with the other suppliers who helped bring this show to fruition. The Murano Walls crew members look forward to the screening of the television show onthe LifeStyle Channel on July 22, 2000 @ 7:30pm with repeats on July 25 @ 5:00pm and July 26 @ 1:00pm.

To view a collage of the progress of this project during filming click on the link below:-

Dryspell Gardening Photo Record‚Äč

Transformation from "Dark and Tired" to "Luscious and Bright"!!


Dear Rosie,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our window. Having the option of frameless glass was something we never really contemplated when we started. We knew we wanted a bigger window but didn't really know how it would work aesthetically. Out of all of the renovation work we have had done to the house and garden the window has to be the biggest WOW factor (for me anyway). We used to spend very little time in the dining room, possibly less than a dozen times in the past year. However, since you installed the window we spend most evenings in the dining room looking out of the window out onto the garden, the house also feels so much more 'airy' as we always have the windows open and a nice breeze circulating through. We feel very privileged to have such a wonderful window. It was a large slice of our budget having all the glass installed and we are more than happy with the end result. We love the care and especially the attention to detail that Yari and your team have given. 

We thank you again for everything. 

All the best

Ewan & Debs