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Stunning Frameless Glass Residential Project - Sylvania Waters

Latest Update - January 2008 - Completion ~ Enjoy the View ~

Ladies Retreat which extends off the family room

All Frameless glass in stalled by Murano Walls Crew

Family Room - Sylvania Waters

Cigar/Bar Room

Cavity Slider to Cigar/Bar Room + Frameless Glass Pivot Doors

Cavity Slider

Family Room

Cavity Slider

Outside Murano Walls Frameless Glass Systems

Sylvania Waters Project - 95% Completion - July 2007

Cigar/Bar Outside

Cigar/Bar Area from Inside Out

Outside Patio just metres from the waters edge

From the outside looking into Cigar/Bar Area

L35 System in Closed Position

Family Room L35 Frameless Glass Opening

Sylvania Waters

March, 2007

This particular renovation started in 2006 – just a simple “reno” but has morphed into something more spectacular!!  


Chris Brookes of Brookes Associates Architects, a leading architectural firm in Sydney, has a highly creative vision for this home and with the assistance of Murano Walls and Tina Fimmano of “tfDESIGN” Pty Ltd, together we are “Unlocking Our Clients Vision”.


Murano Walls has been contracted to design, in conjunction with Chris Brookes and Tina Fimmano, four frameless glass stackable walls incorporating frameless glass pivot doors on all walls along with radius-curved tracking.  Within this design you may also find extra pivot doors between concrete pillars.   These extra glass pivot doors were added to this design at a later stage as our clients envisaged the entire ground floor space, which is substantial, to have the capability of opening entirely for entertaining over their waterfront property creating extra free space.


Murano Walls has also been contracted to install this frameless glass system along with the fixed glass above the centre frameless glass wall on the mezzanine level.


Our client contemplated my other designs/products but found the Murano Walls product far superior to any of our competitors, as it is more aesthetically suited to residential works with its unique semi-automatic locking system, which can be operated simply even by the smallest of women.   This system does not incorporate any floor tracking but locks into a simple floor ferrule, which is stainless steel.   The sweep seals used on this project are weather resistant, which is a must for any waterfront property.  Our client found the service of Murano Walls exceptional during the conceptual stage of this project, finding that our staff were always on hand for meetings on site for changes the client had in mind for their design whether during business hours or weekends. Murano Walls presented many solutions during these meetings with much time and effort spent on this process with design drawings by Murano Walls specific to this project.   


Watch this website for updated photographs as this project evolves.

Sylvania 26/03/2007

Sylvania Waters March 28, 2007

Sylvania 26/03/2007

Sylvannia Waters - The Beginning - Jan 2007

Sylvania Waters March 28, 2007

Sylvania Project March 28, 2007


Update Wednesday March 28


After an early morning start, Yari Joensuu arrived in Sylvania Waters to complete a site check with the Murano Walls “Installation Crew”.   The construction team enjoyed a quick morning tea with our client and the Murano Walls Crew – Yari, Stephen and Lenny – after which they continued work on the installation of the frameless glass tracking system and Yari completed his site check.   Our installers have been working to a schedule, discussed at length with the owner, for works to be completed for this particular part of the Murano Walls project so that the concrete rendering can take place in the coming days.    You will note already completed by Murano Walls is the track work for one of the stacking bays, as pictured to centre right, which was installed directly upon the slab in pink.  This is probably one of the only original features of this home.  A simple renovation that is becoming a masterpiece due to the effort of all the “crews” involved on this project.

Sylvania Project March 28, 2007

Sylvania March 28, 2007

Sylvania Waters March 28, 2007

Chris Brookes can be found at: www.brookesarchitects.com


Tina Fimmano is contactable via email: tfdesign@pnc.com.au 

and via tel: 9879 3035 (BH)   

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