Imposing - QVB Shopfront Replacement Project

Penthouse – Abbotsford – Textured Glass Design, Manufacture & Installation.

​Initially our client contacted us via our website inquiry page with their thoughts on having this textured glass for their powder room door extending onto the wall.   After much discussions and finding the character of our clients Roses – one of the Directors of Murano Walls – came up with the above idea shown in the drawing for their space.    This textured glass wall is a personification of both our client’s thoughts and character.   Four pieces of glass were required, one being a door to the guest powder room with a privacy latch, 90 degree door closer and patch fittings.     Our textured glass manufacturer was able to slump the glass perfectly matching the design required with all patterns throughout all glass pieces.   The manufacturer also sandblasted the glass for privacy and it was then sent onto our colour back glass painters for a perfect finish in a colour designed specifically for this artwork.   Chant “Swim” back to back handles chosen by our clients are a perfect match for the powder room door.

Installation took place in two parts with the door installation and then the two side lights and top hung panel.   All panels are hung with domed standoff patch fittings in satin chrome.

Our client also required an acid etched privacy glass door leading from the bedroom into the walk in wardrobe/ensuite.  Photographs can be seen below.   This glass door also has the Chant smaller “Swim” back to back handles in satin chrome.   This glass was specifically measured and designed to suit the already installed kick boards.