Phenomenal Shell Spiral Residence - Noosa Hinterland - QLD
Latest Update - May, 2010 - Final Installation of Frameless Glass Bi-folds for a very happy client in Tinbeerwah on Queensland Sunshine Coast line.  

Imagine a house in the Noosa Hinterland that is shaped like a sea shell.    Imagine an internal concrete column with timber beams suspended from that column wrapping around in floor levels to form all the living areas overlooking the spectacular hinterland of Noosa in Queensland Sunshine Coast out to the sea.

We were contacted by Steve Benco of Benco Constructions to devise a plan to have the outside in with frameless glass in a circluar motion in a house which was built in the 70's.   Apparently, builders and architects still scratch their heads on how this house was built and designed and is still a sound structual position.

Our clients in QLD meet with Yari Joensuu on their site after many alternatives we offered by other companies but when taking a half sized panel which was capable of hanging in our clients space, a decision was made to place the order with Murano Walls to take care of their unusual home and their framless glass system.   Other offers were made by several frameless glass companies but none could accommodate with the system required such as Murano Walls.

Our clients were most impressed with our service and installation and we look forward to working with Benco Constructions in the near future.