Majestic - Palmwoods - Queensland
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~Update ~ September, 2008
~Project Update ~ September 22,2008
~Project Commencement ~ July, 2007
This project in the middle of a private golf course commenced in approximately May of 2007 when our client contacted Murano Walls after finding our company on the web. Promptly our prospective client sent down his plans to our offices and after many telephone calls, many different changes to the plans and after a site visit by both Rosie & Yari to meet our client and the builder in late June 2007, a price was agreed upon.

The property consists of some 650 square metres of space sitting on 194 peirs dug into the sloping property in July 2007 overlooking a spectacular vista of greenery and dams situated on the property.

Murano Walls Crew members have just in the last week installed all track work and other hardware on this project for some 11 frameless glass walls, no less than 5 frameless glass cavity sliders and frameless glass pivot doors.     The Murano Crew will return to this site in early May for some 2 weeks to complete all aluminium work to all window as our contract encumbers all glass work, both frameless and framed throughout this exciting new home.  During the first week of the crews return, Yari Joensuu, one of the owners of Murano Walls, will be onsite to measure up for all glass to be delivered on site in the second week ready for installation. 

Murano Walls are looking towards a practical completion of works in approximately June 2008 much to their clients delight.
~Project Update ~ September 21, 2008
~Project Update ~ September 15, 2008
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~Site in Infancy~ July 31, 2007