​Installation "Crew"


Originally from Croatia, Dubrovnik, Zac learned his trade as a young man in his home country starting as an apprentice tiler during his school holidays in the hot summer heat of southern Europe.   Later, Zac left Croatia and learned his professional trade hands on in the United Kingdom renovating houses throughout the greater London area.   

Zac immigrated to Australia some fourteen years ago, now an Australian citizen and joined the Murano “Crew” in 2007 during the QVB Project as one of the Murano Walls Subcontractor.

Zac brings a number of assets to the Murano Walls Crew including being meticulous, hard working and an astute problem solver.   

Comments from Zac “Anything is Possible”.

Solid as rock, first generation Australian with an Italian father and a Scottish mother gives Anthony hard earned family values, with an inner need to work harder every day to maintain his family’s life.

A Glazier by trade, Anthony began his trade upon leaving school in 1988, but perhaps wondering if this was for him left the industry after five years for a short break driving trucks and working behind the scenes in the automobile industry.   Anthony returned to the glazing industry completing his apprenticeship a with hands on approach with a cumulated experience of 20 years under his belt.

Yet again, the Murano Walls Management Crew came to grips with the importance of having a qualified glazier working within the Installation Crew during the QVB Project in 2007.   Anthony, along with his close working companion Jeffrey, completed all the silicone work within the first phase of the QVB Project for Murano Walls.       Excellent achievement and dedication are the words that come to mind considering Anthony and Jeffrey were both working their day job and completing the silicone work on this project during the long hours of the night. 

Having broken away from the local glazing company and starting his own business in the past six months, Anthony now subcontracts to Murano Walls with his partner Jeffrey.   Anthony and Jeffrey go back to 1998 when Jeffrey as a young lad was introduced as the new apprentice to work under Anthony’s wing.    The pair are like an old married couple and can be found on many a site scrapping with a jovial heart.

Anthony brings assets to the Installation Crew such as his dedication and “can do attitude” along with a vast knowledge of different trade skills honed over the past twenty years.

Comments by Anthony “the days not over until it’s clocked past midnight”.


With an Australian/Maltese background, Jeffrey is a proud young man wanting to make his mark within an industry he has been part of since 1998.   A man with many values, Jeffrey has been able to use his integrity to push his career further and complete his apprenticeship in a tough industry, thus being able to help support something close to his heart – his family.

Upon leaving school in year 11 to become an apprentice in a local glazing company under the guidance of Anthony, the two men have forged a relationship worthy of not only a close friendship, but good a team relationship in which they are able to support each other on a daily basis.

Murano Walls Management Crew are happy to welcome Jeffrey as one of the subcontractors to the Murano Crew since he has taken the “leap of faith” to join Anthony in becoming independent operators.   Again, Murano Walls Management Crew were able to see Jeffrey in full action upon the QVB Project in 2007/2008 and commend him for his hard work in conjunction with Anthony.

Assets Jeffrey brings to the Murano Walls Installation Crew are care, dedication and his team playing attitude to his chosen profession.

Comments by Jeffrey “oh well - next”.
Look out for the NEW Murano Wheels!!