Imposing - QVB Shopfront Replacement Project

Murano Walls Pty Ltd were contracted by Euroline in August 2007 - a member of the Buildcorp Group of companies - to originally upgrade some 22 of the ground floor shopfront bays with frameless glass at the prestigious Queen Victoria Building address.  

This project commenced on September 17, 2007. During the project, Murano Walls were prompted by Euroline to complete 66 bays in all during Stage 1 of this project which encumbered the ground floor and some 16 shopfronts on various other floors.

These frameless glass shopfront bays were completed on a nightly basis, with up to 10 bays being pulled down and put back up in one week. All work was completed at night commencing at 7:00pm and completing at 7:00am the next morning. Many other contractors through Euroline worked concurrently with Murano Walls to complete their nightly tasks in an efficient and timely manner. Murano Walls have now completed 98% of the shopfronts found on the ground floor, but also a number of bays on levels 1, 2 and lower ground. 

Stage 1 of this project has a practical completion date for Murano Walls in late April, 2008 with only 1 bay left for completion - Mondail - which took place in the following weeks due to unforseen delays on this site with the flooring.This project encompasses the $35.7 million dollar refurbishment of the QVB undertaken by IPOH over the following eighteen months. More photos of the Murano Crew @ work on this project may be found below.