Hunters Hill - An Extraordinary Vision - Winner MBA Awards - 2010
Latest Update - September 7, 2010 - Master Builders Award Winning Home in the Category "Design & Construct"- 2010 - Capcar Constructions!! 

​What a project and a delight working with our client on this project!!! All glass on this project was supplied, designed and installed by Murano Walls and their dedicated Crew. Well done to Capcar Constructions and our client Colin and his wife Carla for the prestigious win of the Master Builders Award - 2010.

All glass works associated with this build was designed and constructed by Murano Walls Pty Ltd.  This includes the frameless glass walls - bifold and stacking - frameless glass pivot/lourve windows, fixed glass, framless glass roof, frameless glass pool, glass viewing windows for pool, frameless glass wardrobes, frameless glass shower recesses in all bathrooms, frameless glass cavity sliders, frameless glass fascia boards etc.

Not one day passes when you cannot find our client onsite during the build of his new home situated in Hunters Hill with a view to die for. Married with two children, running a successful business as a pastry chef in the local arena, I believe this man has somehow missed his calling as an architect or perhaps a design guru as every element and design perceived for this build has been drawn from our clients inner most spectrum through a collection of thoughts, ideas, research and development over a vast number of years.  
Ever vigilant and always ready to discuss  further ideas regarding this remarkable achievement, our client as an owner builder, can be found mastering new trades every day with a willingness to join in and be part of any crew onsite when needed at the same time feeling appreciated for his efforts.   But not just when needed… one is surprised at the skills that one man has in his pocket and it appears that at any given time he is able to turn his hand to the many jobs which surface around the site.
Hard working, but always visual with a mind that never appears to be able to stop, our client is at best searching for the best contractors that can not only visualize his thoughts but can also achieve and see his dream coming to a masterful fruition.  His mind is unsullied with debris and knows exactly what he wants and sees in his vision, never accepting nor understanding  comments such as “it can’t be done” as he makes comment “there is always a way”.
Having been selected to quote on the frameless glass walls within this build, Murano Walls Pty Ltd were contracted for this project after our client visited one of Murano’s larger sites in Narrabeen.  Our client now fully appreciated that his vision could be seen by Murano’s Project Manager/Director, Yari Joensuu.    Now elected for this project in December 2008, Yari Joensuu has been able to take forward not only our client’s passion, but also Yari’s passion for glass with further innovative ideas.  
Murano Walls have also been contracted further by our client with numerous variations – our client now only prepared to use one glass supplier for this exciting project.   Murano Walls have had the opportunity, with the guidance our client’s vision to supply and install not only the Murano L-35 frameless glass walls but all other glazing within the build.   The glazing includes windows which are louver or pivot designs by Murano Walls, massive pieces of oddly shaped glass found throughout the build craned in just weeks earlier, along with the frameless glass balustrade, a beautiful almost reflective colour back glass fascia which stretches the full span of the unusual roof, pool glass which encumbers not only safety glass but fully engineered bottom viewing glass panels which can be found shimmering above our client’s ensuite area.     The most enticing and provocative being the glass roofing, yet another spectacular visual effect found on this site.  
One can almost be forgiven to be caught up in this dream, watching as the fusion of glass, stone and timber are bought together effortlessly with the sound management of this owner builder.
Take a look at our latest film link on the installation of the front window of bedroom II which is approximately 3.4meters wide and 2.3meters high in 15mm toughened glass.   Click here....

Latest Update - July 15, 2009 - Installation of Frameless Glass Bi-folds in Bedrooms 1, 2  & 3 along with Lourve Kitchen Window...

Imposing Panoramic Views from this Hunters Hill Residential Building enhanced with Elements of Glass, Stone and Timber