Galleria of Residential Projects 2009 - 2013

​BP MAP - MELBOURNE completed November 2010

Castle Hill - NSW
Castle Hill in Sydney's north west with their large expanse of homes but not exactly what our client's wanted in their ten year old home with its half a hexegon bay window in their kitchen family room.   Our client spent a year perusing through home magazines to find the right look for his renovation, but became frustrated with the same looks, just in different magazines until one morning in the small hours our client came across the Murano Walls website and was pleased to see that he had found exactly what he was looking for to open and brighten his kitchen area into a space that can be shared with his young family, but also with his extended family, turning a dull and boring area into a indoor outdoor area which is bedazzeling to say the least..  A 90 degree frameless glass bi-folding doors consisting of ten panels.  As this structure is fully protected from the weather, it was not necessary to use a water grate, only a small channel which gives a seamless indoor outdoor fee.  The top and bottom profiles along with the track have been powder coated to Dulux "Hogbristle" to compliment other glazing found in the home.
Mermaid Waters - QLD
On the Gold Coast waterways you find beautiful Mermaid Waters.  Working with our clients was extraordinary journey of respect with two business trades coming together.  Our clients have an older style 1980's home which backs onto one of the waterways wanting their home to be open and an expression of who they are.  Having explored the market on what frameless glass walls were available our clients chose the Murano Walls frameless stacking panels and bi-fold panels along with a fixed panel which added to the continuity of their home, after meeting with our staff at their home with our samples.   With one hinge door  and eleven stacking panels, which takes  up a vast frontage of their home and a remote stack with no floor guide with only the necessary water grate and floor ferrules, keeping the sublime inside outside feel.   The frameless bi-folds are similar with four panels hinged together, again with only the necessary water grate and floor ferrules.   Murano Walls standard door hardware which incorporated knob handles and "D" handle for hinged doorway. 

Carbrook - QLD

In Brisbane's beautiful hinterland you find Carbrook in a rural setting.  A beautiful design for our delightful clients.  Frameless 90 degree corner glass with middleopening doors with Murano Walls standard door hardware.  For this particular project the corner glass was designed with a 90 degree cut for true perfection and fit.

Hunters Hill - NSW

A Master Builders Award in 2012 for this build in Hunters Hill by a previous client who also won a Master Builders Award in 2010 for his home also in Hunters Hill.   Murano Walls undertook a number of glazing jobs on this project which included all the frameless glass bathrooms, works in the Kitchen with mirrors and a glazed pantry door, along with the frameless glass balustrade on the internal stairs and outdoors on the front patio.   Other works included the frameless glass pool balustrade and internal glazing on the stairs and mirrors around the lift area and fireplaces with an outdoor bronze mirror on a water feather.  Frameless glass sliders were also installed in the main bedroom but when the property was sold the current owner requested these stunning main bedroom/ensuite sliders - some like it open.. others like privacy!.

Dover Heights - NSW

In the eastern suburbs of Sydney you find a popular suburb, Dover Heights, with outstanding views of Sydney Harbour.  To use a better word, you find this delightful rennovation

Lindfield - NSW

A beautiful northern suburb of Sydney is Lindfield.   This beautiful home has been transformed into a private oasis with no stone left unturned with our clients want for style and beauty.  Two sets of three bi-folding panels can be found on this property with another two sets of four bi-folding panels and one set of five bi-folds opening onto their luxurious backyard and side terrace.

Darling Point - NSW

Tucked up in the Eastern Suburns of Sydney you find Darling Point with their older style buildings... but that does not mean you can't put a modern twist on your home!  The directors of Murano Walls did not see this home fully completed as our installation was earlier in the project but on driving in Darling Point we spotted the project from another street in the area. Here you find six frameless glass panels with a frameless glass balustrade.  The frameless glass system has a 90 degree corner which is also cut into the glass forming a perfect weather seal against the seasons.   All panels come around from the one panel side and stack into a side stack on the left hand side inside.   A simply stunning project giving the clients the outside feel from above with the security of the balustrade.