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Suspension System - Track & Carrier

Murano T-10 aluminium tracking system provides the smoothest panel operation along the track as well as through junctions in the track. This is achieved by our design-protected 2-piece track and heavy-duty 4-wheel or 2-wheel carrier systems.

The Murano 2-wheel carriers are installed at each end of the panels and are automatically guided through curved corners. Each side of the track can be curved separately providing the panels an automatic ‘path’ into the stacking bay, no requirement for awkward positioning of the carrier, no need to even look up in the track as a simple push will take the panels into their stacking bay. Curved junctions guarantee that even high elements are light and easy to move.

Suspended ceilings and bulkheads are no problems for the Murano T-10 track either. Detachable ceiling fillet can easily be clipped on, even as an afterthought and will be loved by ceiling contractors. Simply rest the ceiling panel or plasterboard ceiling on the aluminium fillet piece or build your bulkhead around the track resting the lining of bulkhead inside the fillet. Where no ceiling or bulkhead is required, the system can be used either with or without the fillet as the sides of the tracks are visually pleasing.

The T-10 tracking system can be fastened either directly through the track or utilising our steel cleat suspension system where no bolts are visible from under the track.


Element Bolts

End Bolt

All standard elements of moveable glass walls are delivered with semiautomatic end bolts. (PATENT PENDING)

You can lock end bolt by pressing it lightly with foot while closing the wall. Bolt unlocks automatically while opening the wall. User of the wall can stand while closing or opening the wall.

Front Bolt

You can close the door and it's counter elements with the semiautomatic front bolt with a simple click of your shoe. Locking can be achieved by the same process by simply clicking down the bolt with your shoe.

Floor Sleeves with Dust Protection

Counter sleeves of the bolts are delivered with dust/stone protection.

Material used is stainless steel.

   Aluminium hinges are integrated into the door/profile and will give your wall a refined appearance.


natural anodised aluminium
powder coating


Countersunk stainless steel screws​

End Caps

Standard delivery includes stainless steel and clear anodised aluminum endcaps.

In curved walls and pivot doors the aluminium endcaps are integrated into the profile construction preventing any angle cuts.

  The distance between the
  glass panels remains
. equal regardless of the
  angle between the glass
  A refined appearance to
. the glass walls with no
  visible corners.