Cammeray - Re-creation of a Panoramic View
Update - December  5, 2008 - Panoramic View Reclaimed Within a Matter of Days.....
Residential renovations are at the least stressful, but at Murano Walls our client feels at ease as we provide expertise and ability to provide timely information and design drawings for your project.  At Murano Walls we take the time to explain and assist with variations and ideas, which can be applied to your project – thus “Unlocking Your Vision”.  Murano Walls have our team available to meet with other contractors on your project to ensure that we are in sync with their needs and ideas and that our project management runs effectively alongside their installation timings.
An interesting aspect of this project currently underway with Murano Walls was understanding the clients needs and intentions for their usage of this unusual space as pictured above.  In this case the client was looking for a very unique style for a kitchen renovation.    Our client expressed to Murano Walls that they wanted to bring “the outside in” by extending their stone bench top outside their current window space creating a bar area for entertaining and for usage by their teenage children when coming from the pool area.

For this project, Murano Walls designed a seven-panel frameless glass bi-fold system with centre openings and anodized fittings sweeping around the desired area – which is “doglegged” as photographed.  This system, designed to be trackless on their bench top, with effective weather seals and security locks is unique to Murano Walls, creating a smooth bar opening maintaining the “resort” feel our client intended.

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Update - Thursday, May 3

After the painting, plumbing, gyprocking, red glass splashback and rangehood installation had taken place over thepast few weeks, it was now Murano Walls turn to start their installation on our clients project.    

The first problem to overcome was the window itself which was out of square.    By packing and installing a specially folded frame in anodised aluminum by our engineers, Murano proceeded with their installations.   A unique mould was also created in anodised aluminum to cover the existing middle support beam to compliment the modern frame and kitchen now installed matching our clients rangehood and kickboards but also the Murano L35 bottom and top frames.

Installation of the Murano Walls Frameless system is now 70% completed on this project and our client is enthused as to how it compliments their kitchen area and the ease at which you are able to operate the panels now installed.

Through the imagination and innovation of the Murano Walls Staff our client is now realising their unique kitchen bar space - "Unlocking their Vision".

Watch this space in the following weeks for photographs of the finished product.





Update - Thursday, March 29

Murano Walls received a call from our client yesterday extremely excited as their kitchen bench tops were being installed as we spoke and the project was now ready for Murano Walls.    The client expressed that they were happy that her project was being completed at an even pace and that they were now in a position to remove their “frameless dark tarpaulin” covering their window space for the past five weeks.

Yari Joensuu arrived on site early this morning to ensure the bench top was infact installed level and to measure up for the aluminium jambs and cladding around the centre post.   Many discussions were had with the client regarding the esthetics of the folded clear anodised aluminium surrounds.    As there is a dogleg angle to this newly designed frameless glass window, special care needs to be taken to ensure the quality end result for our client.

With measurements and templates in hand, the aluminium jambs will be ordered and folded in the next few days ready for track, jamb and cladding installations over the weekend “Unlocking our Clients Vision”.