European Partnership - Murano Walls Pty Ltd & Scan-Mikael Oy

Recently, both Directors of Murano Walls Pty Ltd, Yari Joensuu & Roses Attard, were invited by Scan-Mikael Oy to Finland for a number of sales meetings in July/August 2008 held in Pori – west of Helsinki - to discuss the ongoing international partnership formed between these two companies some three years ago.

Jouko Urpolahti, Managing Director and Joni Kaski, Sales Manager took time to discuss the many aspects of this thriving relationship and how to build it further.   Yari Joensuu, native to Finland, speaks fluent Finnish thus strengthening the bond between our two companies being able to converse in their own language as well as English.

You will note on the Scan-Mikael website – – many projects found on the Murano Walls website.   This includes four of Australia’s projects which are noted in their “Top Ten References” with many other photographs throughout their website of other projects in Australia.

All Research & Development for the products in the Australian market are completed locally by Murano Walls Director, Yari Joensuu, to meet the Australian Standard with any such information shared with Scan-Mikael.

All components and profiles are exclusively ordered by Murano Walls, being Scan Mikael’s sole representative in the Pacific Region.   All hardware is assembled for each project in Australia on site to ensure the perfect fit and timing on these projects.  Projects within Australia, as you will note from our website, are extremely unique.

Latest research & development by Murano Walls in Australia includes many new products such as "frameless external sliding doors",  “pivot windows”, and “awning windows” using the Scan-Mikael profiles.  This has created the continuity much sought after in modern homes and renovations for window openings matching the frameless glass stacking system, not only in the Australian market but also the European market place.    Photographs of these products can be found on the new build on our Sunshine Coast page of our website.
We look forward to inviting Jouko and Joni to visit the Australian sites in the not so distant future.