Eloquent & Luxurious Design - Caps Clinic Canberra - 2011
Latest Update - January, 2011 - Full accreditation achieved by Caps Clinic - a fundamental achievement for this eloquent surgery.  Installation of Frameless Glass Stackers with company logo film giving these rooms the privacy required in this sumputous establishment.   Well done to all Crews for this achievement.
First contact with our client came about in July 2009 by the designer of this facility procuring an idea and whether this concept could be taken to fruition.   Second contact came via a telephone call from the owner of the proposed Caps Clinic in September 2009 taking a chance – after initial designer concepts - that Murano Walls PL could supply the frameless glass wall system they had been seeking.   During the investigation period, the designer and owner had contacted several of our competitors but none could come up with the strategy required to suit this eloquent and design friendly application for this clinic located in the ACT.   This application required frameless glass walls to be hidden in a cavity during storage, but to easily accessible to the nurses to become a fashionable statement when in position forming private rooms with their own private bathroom in a prestigious plastic surgery in Canberra.   

Taking this unique opportunity by the “horns”, Yari Joensuu – Murano Walls Design Guru – received the initial plans from the designer - Medifit Perth, a medical fitout company which had been engaged by Caps Clinic - and immediately began designing what would become an icon and pilot within the day surgery industry with plastic surgeries all over the world awaiting its completion.   Being Finnish, Yari does much of his R & D in the sauna and spent many hours going over his designs and thought patterns in what one would think would be his rest time, but when an idea comes to mind it must be nurtured and taken to the level of design it deserves.   

Murano Walls Crew arrived in Canberra in September 2010 to a building shell which had been gutted and commenced installation of this unique tracking system designed by Murano Walls Sydney and manufactured in Finland by our trusted partnership company – Scan Mikael Oy – to which Murano Walls has been their avid supplier of this versatile frameless glass product in the Asia Pacific area since 2006 owning the rights within this great southern land.   This partnership has grown in strength with constant design features by Yari Joensuu  taken up by Scan Mikael to ensure this product is worthy of the Australian market and meets all standards.Visits by the owners on site advanced their knowledge that they had chosen the right company to design and install what they had envisaged for their proposed space within the clinic which also had to meet a strenuous and tight accreditation by the medical association which oversees such a creative design plan.   Their excitement showed with smiles and praise to Yari Joensuu and the Murano Walls Crew witnessing our workmanship and professionalism first hand during this phase of the install.   Visiting the sight strengthened their resolve that their initial confidence in Murano Walls was correct.