Cammeray - Re-creation of a Panoramic View
Update - December  5, 2008 - Panoramic View Reclaimed Within a Matter of Days.....



Having spent the past five years with work commitments overseas, our clients returned to their place of residence in Cammeray on the north shore with a taste of an update and modernisation in their mouth for their much loved home on the waterfront.

Having spectacular views of middle harbour our client began to make inquiries regarding frameless glass bi-fold systems that would be suitable for his project wanting to remove his fully framed sliding system which stepped down onto a fully tiled balcony with the idea of reclaiming their view.   What our client had in mind was to have a timber decking raised on their balcony giving a smooth transition from their living area to their balcony area, thus relinquishing the step down onto the current tiled area, which subsequently also changed their indoor décor from dark timber jarrah flooring overhauled with bright and luscious indoor tiles.

Our client investigated quite a number of different systems and called Murano Walls in mid October, 2008 speaking at length to Rosie Attard, one of the Directors of Murano Walls, with the view of having the project completed prior to Christmas with just six weeks to work with.  Other suppliers simply could not achieve the timing of the project, others, upon conversations with our client simply did not give the care and consideration of the clients needs a second thought, one supplier noting that all the structural work would need to take place before the Xmas holiday period leaving a five metre opening exposed to the elements for more than six weeks before any glass installation could be achieved.   When questioned by our client on what was to happen during that time whilst exposed to the elements, the supplier simply made the comment “not our problem”.

Yari Joensuu, Director and Estimator for Murano Walls, was confident in the construction of this frameless glass wall, so much so that measurements were taken prior to any tracking system installation which is not the normal procedure for our crew in glass measurements which are ultimately taken after the top tracking system is in place.   One of the reasons this procedure was turned around was due to the fact that all the aluminum extrusions needed to be powder coated to match the current aluminum found throughout the home namely, Precious Onyx Pearl by Dulux and as the holiday season was almost upon us, Murano Walls had ensured our client we would meet his timeline. 

During the inspection of our client’s property, further suggestions were made regarding the sashless windows which occupied the space between the proposed frameless glass bi-fold system and each end of the balcony.  Ultimately, to ensure continuity of the effectiveness of the frameless glass system and upon our client’s approval, these were removed and replaced using the profiles of the Murano L-35 system with simple 12mm toughened glass to enhance the delicate balance of the installed bi-fold system.

Murano Walls dedicated crew “Zac & Peter” removed and installed the new Murano L-35 frameless glass bifold system within a matter of days working into the evening’s ensuring our client’s home was secure and safe from the elements, with Yari Joensuu close at hand overseeing that all works were completed to the satisfaction of our clients.

The results are spectacular, our client so pleased with our project works and crew members dedication to complete the project in the time specified, varied the contract to include the replacement installation of the frameless glass balustrade, which upon inspection once the timber decking was installed, was below the Australian Standard height requirement.  This too was measured, installed and completed ready for the Xmas holidays in an astute and timely manner much to our clients delight.

Enhanced Panoramic View  Reclaimed - Previously Jailed with Aluminium Framed Bi-folds - Now Opened and Glorious with Murano Walls Frameless Glass Walls.